Further Reading

See below for a list of useful websites and recommended readings in SoTL and related topics.

  • The SoTL Guide. This guide was developed by Nancy Chick, the current Director of the Endeavour Center for Faculty Development at Rollins College. The guide consists of two parts: Understanding SoTL and Doing SoTL. It is interspersed with videos of experienced SoTL Researchers talking about their approaches.
  • Carnegie SoTL Tutorial. [Note: link downloads a file.] This interactive tutorial is a compilation of materials from workshops and conferences sponsored by the American Association of Higher Education, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education, the Lilly Conferences on College Teaching, and various colleges and universities. 
  • How to Publish in Scholarly Journals (Klingner et al., 2005). A succinct general primer for preparing manuscripts and choosing journals (not education research-specific). 
  • A list of predatory publishers and their journals, i.e., publishers whose business model is based upon soliciting publication fees from authors, is available here.
  • The Research Methods Knowledge Base is a digital textbook that covers the basics of social scientific research methods.
  • Recommended reading: